Gloucestershire Echo Weekender Magazine 14th December 2013

“While department store windows are full of traditional Christmas reds, an independent boutique in Tetbury has looked to the fun of the fairground for its festive inspiration.

The Christmas window at Qetty Bang Bang, in Long Street, features a carousel horse which has been moulded from an original Anderson ‘galloper’ dating to the early 1900s. Arthur Anderson was renowned as Britain’s greatest fairground carver after initially starting out in the ship-carving tradition making figureheads for the sailing ships at Bristol Harbour.

The replica at Qetty Bang Bang, which was made in Derbyshire by Ian Hunt, has been painted white and is surrounded by glistening white ‘snow’ under its hooves.

Sitting on top is a mannequin wearing a 1920s flapper-inspired dress handmade by shop owner Kerry Spurry.

“I managed to find the mannequin, a vintage one as well, which is really unusual,” she says. “I was lucky to find one in that position with her arm raised up so she can hold on to the pole. It was obviously meant to be.”

Juxtaposed against the brilliant white of the horse is a dress made entirely from re-purposed broken vintage jewellery, making it completely unique.

Kerry came up with the idea after looking through a collection of broken jewellery pieces, admiring how beautiful they were, and decided to create something even more beautiful from pieces that would otherwise have been thrown away.

“I loved the idea of upcycling something broken into a new piece of artwork, and the vintage jewellery followed the theme of the shop,” she explains

Qetty Bang Bang sells contemporary designer women’s clothing, menswear, homeware, gifts and accessories. It also stocks classic vintage clothing including tea dresses and flapper dresses, velvet opera coats and vintage jewellery.

Kerry’s creation comprises of brooches, bracelets, necklaces, watches and even a school prefect badge and small golden spoon.

“Last year I made a huge gown from paper which everybody is still saying how wonderful it was so I felt quite under pressure this year to come up with something just as good and unique,” Kerry says. “I had to start looking for the pieces quite a long time ago. I went here, there and everywhere looking for bits and pieces which turned out to fill a whole kitchen table top.

“It’s amazing how much it took, because the pieces are so tiny and all packed into the collage, so it’s quite a valuable piece all in all.”

Both the horse and dress will be available to buy from January 5.

For more details, visit the shop at 61 Long Street, Tetbury.”

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“And she (Kerry) does it seamlessly in an environment that harks back to the early 20th century with an eclectic mix of jazz and swing filling the space. Next to flapper dresses and sumptuous velvet coats Kerry shows selected contemporary designers such as Ann Louise Roswald, Ambre Babzoe, Sita Murt and jewellery by Alex Monroe. Kerry cleverly introduces one-offs by upcoming designers too, such as jewellery made from curious vintage trinkets and quirky ephemera by jewellery designer Maria Zureta.”

London Evening Standard – December 2011

“We wanted to move out of London, and kept going further and further west until we hit Tetbury where Dave said, ‘This would be a wonderful place for a vintage shop’,” Kerry explains. “A light went on — three months later I’d opened the shop.”

Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine – May 2011

“I was in Tetbury with a friend the other day and discovered all sorts of inspirational shops. This one (Qetty Bang Bang) mixes vintage and new fashion. I found beautiful 1940’s-style hairbands for my girls.” Penelope Chilvers, Secret Addresses from Stylish People.

(Thank you Penelope)

Gloucestershire Echo Magazine – April 2011

“Quirky and unusual, Kerry Spurry’s Cotswold boutique is full of vintage appeal as well as well-chosen contemporary pieces from up=and-coming designers.”

Mr and Mrs Smith Recommend Qetty!

We were delighted to find that Mr and Mrs Smith recommended our store on their esteemed Travel Blog. Find it here:

Qetty loves their site and always checks it before she travels anywhere, even Waitrose!

Our new collections from Almost Famous, Ambre Babzoe and Annie Sherburne have arrived (we only stock designers beginning with the letter ‘A’!) so hope you can pop in soon.

Bye for now,

Qetty and the girls X

Red Magazine – December 2010

“Qetty Bang Bang also on Long Street (Tetbury), is a gorgeous mix of vintage and contemporary fashion.”

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